Friday, April 11, 2014

Visit to Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Our drive into Sedona was like no other. It is just so beautiful! I just had to take some pictures from the truck, so you could see for yourself.  Not only is it beautiful with all the color in the mountains, but even the roads are clean and neat looking. The buildings in town all seem to conform with the colors in the town.  What I mean is, they blend in very well. I don't remember seeing any white houses, as the colors of the businesses and houses all seemed to complement the surroundings.  Mostly, we just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We took a lot of pictures and we hope you will enjoy them.


In the picture above, we are in town and in traffic. Just to give you an idea of what the town is like.

           This picture, and the next several pictures are taken from an overlook at the airport.



Al took this panoramic from the airport overlook
This is the famous Chapel of the Holy Cross
Another view of the chapel from the side


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