Saturday, April 2, 2011

More of Zion and the Tunnel

On our second day in the park, we took a couple of walks on paths to get some exercise and really take it all in. Throughout the park there are several pull-offs where you can stop and get a closer look. On the first day we missed a couple because there were no places to park. So, luckily we were able to stop at those on the second day. After April 1, there are buses that take you through the park. You aren't allowed to drive through that area yourself. Pretty stream on the way to "Weeping Rock"

Lots of people were enjoying the path.

When we got to the top, I took this picture of the waterfall from the overhang. While under the overhang, water is dripping all around you. It is hard not to get wet.

On day 3 we went to a completely different area in the park. We were on our way to another National Park just for the day, Bryce Canyon National Park. We found out the best way to go, involved going through a tunnel, and the tunnel is located in Zion. The tunnel was built in 1928 and has height and width restrictions. Since we have dual wheels on our truck, we were too wide to just drive through it, and that meant that we had to pay $15 and, they would need to stop traffic and let us go through the middle. It is 2 lanes but, it would be too tight for both vehicles. On our way to the tunnel, we got to see even more beautiful scenery including the picture above and those below.

Just more of Zion..........Isn't it beautiful!

In this picture above, we are approaching the tunnel on our way back home.

Going through the tunnel, there are windows that you can see out. It was hard to get a picture, but I managed to get this one.

We are now approaching the end of the mile long tunnel. I have heard from others that had smaller vehicles , that it feels very tight, when driving with traffic coming from other lane. Being able to go down the middle was pretty neat. We had a wonderful day at Bryce Canyon National Park and we took many pictures. So, check back with us in a few days. So long for now.

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